CVA House by Materia Arquitectónica

September 3, 2009

Materia Arquitectónica have designed the CVA House in Mexico City.

Full description after the photos….

CVA House by Materia Arquitectónica

Located in the outskirts of Mexico City, the project was designed for a relaxed life-styled family. The long rectangular shaped site was constrained on 3 sides by other houses leaving only a short front access face. The house lives around a patio that serves as the continuation of the interior spaces. The design created a series of episodes along the house defined by the use of natural light and materials.

The private spaces are defined by organic or curved volumes while the public spaces hold a more rectilinear and transparent character. The curved surfaces generate textures and shadows using traditional hand made Mexican brick as a lineal weave. These surfaces contrast with the glass and exposed concrete elements. The design sought a character made of continuous exercises of contrast: public vs. private, heavy vs. light, light vs. shadow; thus resulting in a contemporary expression of crafted materials.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Design: Materia Arquitectónica. Gustavo Carmona, Lisa Beltrán, Juan Paredes.
Area: 335 m2
Year: 2009
Construction: Materia Arquitectónica
Structural: Gerardo Pastrana
Fixed Furniture: Juan Paredes
Photography: Alberto Mora