Cyprus House by Iosa Ghini

November 1, 2008

Thanks to Cristofaro from the Iosa Ghini studio for sending us these images of a new house design that Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini is working on.

From the architect:

The project started with the aim of creating a new residential area alongside Pedieos river, near Nicosia, Cyprus.

The client wanted to realize four one-family luxury houses shaped in an organic, fluid form. Iosa Ghini designed the four units in a whole overall organism hosting four units, each one keeping its own morphological features.

Eco-technologies, both passive and active, have a basic relevance in this project: low E glass panels, adjustable solar panels, recovery and recycling of rain waters, storage heating system for winter months. All external walls are treated with photo catalytic concrete, allowing the tranformation of  harmful organic and inorganic matters into harmless compounds. The outside shell, both organic and fluid, grants the harmonic fusion between traditional and contemporary materials as  the local stone.

Visit the website of Iosa Ghini – here.

Iosa Ghini