De [email protected] (The [email protected]) by RAU

December 23, 2011

Dutch architectural office RAU designed the De [email protected] (The [email protected]) building in Apeldoorn,
The Netherlands.


De [email protected] (The [email protected]) is the new office and educational centre of the Apenheul Foundation and the Natuurhuis in Apeldoorn. Aside from its function as an office, De [email protected] will also serve as a centre for environmental education and as a meeting place for associations, business people, students and visitors. It has an underground auditorium for 350 visitors, two multi-functional rooms, a studio, an exhibition area and treatment rooms for the vets of the Apenheul in the building.

De [email protected] is designed to look like a gigantic wooden skeleton that forms a binding element between the Apenheul and Park Berg en Bos. The arrival of the building will introduce a new trail that runs through the park to the entrance of the Apenheul. To emphasise the perception of nature, parts of the building, such as the auditorium, have been constructed underground as much as possible.

Visit the RAU website – here.

Photography by Cornbread Works