Deer at the Google Office by Ian Ross

July 10, 2012

As part of Google’s “Building a Healthier Google” initiative, focused on creating a healthy and transparent workplace free of known toxins, artist Ian Ross was commissioned to create a mural for the new wing of their offices in Mountain View, California.


Project description:

Asked to create a mural that brought the outdoors in, Ian chose deer to exude the tranquility of nature. The deer, depicted in Ian’s unique organic style, appear to be standing around a watering hole or grazing in a meadow. The larger of the deer is alert and looking directly at guests as they enter through the main entrance of the building as if peering into their souls and asking them to be engaged with their environment. The other two deer have yet to notice the viewers and remain calm with their heads to the ground.

From a distance one can easily see that these deer are in an unnatural space, but as one approaches the unusual pattern of their gorgeous coats emerge into a complex design that is Ian Ross’ signature. This key element introduces the idea that these are no normal deer and thus perhaps the onlookers are in no normal place. They have now entered into a space in which artists are at play and where anything can happen.

Visit the Ian Ross website – here.