Dent Chair by o4i DesignStudio for Blå Station

February 4, 2013

Stockholm-based o4i DesignStudio has created the Dent Chair for Blå Station.


Description from o4i DesignStudio

The Dent chair challenges the idea of the sleek and beautiful. It is the antithesis of perfect. It is a chair never seen before and, we dare to say, won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The story of Dent chair started with the idea of trying to achieve the impossible: to mould a double-curved 3D surface out of regular veneer. At the same time, the story of Dent is the story of how the rejected became the selected.

We have had many years’ experience of designing chairs using traditional plywood moulding techniques, always trying to extend the boundaries of what is possible without “cheating” by using expensive 3D veneer. With Dent we decided to be even bolder, by taking a step beyond where we have already been, out of our comfort zone and into the unknown.



For us, the beauty of Dent lies in the resilience of the material, and in the memory of that sudden, magical turn that a project can take, when you manage to think outside the box – or don’t think at all!

Despite it’s rough appearance, Dent is a comfortable multi-purpose chair – and it will grow into a family of individuals with various finishes and leg bases, serving the different needs of most public and residential spaces.


Designer: o4i DesignStudio
Manufacturer: Blå Station