Designer Profile: BarberOsgerby

May 13, 2008

Alice Rawsthorn has written an article for the International Herald Tribune that profiles the design studio of BarberOsgerby. You might recognize the British design duo of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby from their work in the late ’90s with Italian furniture brand Cappellini. The IHT article also talks about their recent work with British furniture brand Established & Sons to create a new line of glass top Iris Tables, so called because they resemble the iris of an eye.

Read the article ? here.

Edward Barber (left) and Jay Osgerby (right):

Barber Osgerby

The “Iris 1300” Table:

The Iris Table

The “Iris 1200” Table

The making of an Iris Table:

The Loop Table:

The Glove Chair:

The Glove Chair

The Hula Stool:

The Hula Stool

The Satellite Storage System: