Designer Profile: Nori Morimoto

May 23, 2008

Nori MorimotoBorn in China in 1931, Nori Morimoto has led an interesting life…his family was sent back to Japan after World War II, he helped his father build a house using native pine and spruce found in the hillside hamlet of Shikoku (Japan) at age 16, then in 1954 he moved to Tokyo to follow his dream to become a graphic designer.

It wasn’t until the mid 1960’s that Nori and his wife and daughter were able to emigrate to New York, where he worked for the Herbert Reade Design Studio and then became an apprentice of Genichiro Inokuma & Isamu Noguchi.

In 1987, Nori moved to Waterbury in Vermont where he established his woodworking studio and still creates amazing furniture using his natural surroundings for inspiration and local resources such as native trees to Vermont including Ash, Cherry, Hard Maple, Bird’s Eye Maple, Tiger Maple and Walnut.

Watch Nori at work in his studio – here.

Sakura Dining Table

Modern World Sconce

Wooden Sculpture

Tripod Stool