“Deus ex machina” by Michael Young for EOQ

April 2, 2013

Designer Michael Young has created a collection called “Deus ex machina”, consisting of a
modular shelf, light and desk for EOQ.


From EOQ

A collection unified through the application of industrial process to deliver beauty. Decoration as a by-product of innovation working with aluminium extrusions and developing new production approaches to enhance the crowded furniture and lighting offer.

During the Salone EOQ launches 3 new designs by Michael Young. We have taken over a small house attached to the prestigious design store ‘Entratalibera’ in Central Milan and filled each room as well as the roof terrace with our products.

Bayer – These modular shelves reinvent Michael’s celebrated aluminium links combining an aesthetic fragility with the strength of the material. Reminiscent of both roots and branches this piece marries precision engineering and natural forms while offering a flexible and useful function.

Joseph – The soft Asian silhouette of the Joseph collection belies the reassuring strength of an object crafted from a solid piece of aluminium. Each piece is extruded into shape, softened with CNC cutting before being milled to open up the core and allow the light to diffuse through the fins.

Orsted – A large extrusion allowed to express function through simplicity of form. This design manages to deliver all the functionality of a contemporary desk from a cleverly shaped piece of aluminium.

Manufacturer: EOQ
Designer: Michael Young