Diamond Project by Terry & Terry Architects

August 10, 2010

Terry & Terry Architects have designed the Diamond Project house in San Francisco, California.


Description from Terry & Terry Architects:

The house scales an uphill lot, with views to the west. Concrete walls run parallel along the side lot lines, forming the sidewalls of the house and continuing beyond to contain a protected garden.

Sloping roof planes hover above with stunning Western Red Cedar ceilings, and are contained between the longitudinal concrete walls. Strategic gaps or fissures were formed between roof and walls to illuminate the walls with natural light. Large glazed openings in the front and rear of the house create transparency between indoor and outdoor spaces.

A roof deck is inserted at the top of the house and functions as a continuation of the garden living space. The roof deck also provides a unique connection to the surrounding hills speckled with the pastels of the San Francisco neighborhoods.

A detached garden studio is located at the rear of the property. This small satellite structure serves as a home office, and as additional family space.

There is a shared language of simple materials and clean detailing throughout that unifies the space. This aesthetic creates the warmth and calmness essential for a family in an urban setting without distracting from the simple beauty of well juxtaposed spaces.

Visit the Terry & Terry Architects website – here.

Photography by Ethan Kaplan and Joe Fletcher.