Docks Furniture System by Björn Meier and Till Grosch for ophelis

September 2, 2013

Designers Björn Meier and Till Grosch have created a modular office furniture system named Docks for manufacturer ophelis.


From the designers

In our view, the office is not only workplace but also habitat. Docks is one common furniture. The tendency for open, decentralized office models is a paradigm shift that is emerging on many levels throughout the working world. We view our design as bridging the tension between the demand for a permanent exchange of information and ubiquitous communications on the one hand, and the need for privacy and space for relaxation and concentration on the other.

By using the bench as a base construction we added lightness to the furniture system. The attached modules seem to be floating. It was important to us to develop interfaces that allow integration of various products. For example, lamps and side tables can be docked by slotted panels. By simple indention, they become an integral part of the furniture Islands.

When we were asked by ophelis to develop a piece of furniture that should populate the area between the workstations, the concept of ”Islands in the office” quickly emerged. It is important not to view the docks as separating islets. Instead, we have designed a system that makes it possible to connect people and areas, and to make use of these connections in a variety of ways. Docks are islands in the office and also the connecting web between these islands.

The challenge in the development of docks was to design a piece of furniture that can create blurry zones, while still pursuing a clear design language. With an almost unlimited number of possible combinations, we were focused on designing the individual parts so that each configuration is perceived as self-contained furniture. We see Docks as a flexible ingredient in the constantly changing world of work. Due to its modular nature it is designed to continuously keep evolving in line with the needs of a transforming work culture.

Design: Björn Meier and Till Grosch
Manufacturer: ophelis