Dream Space Dome by David Trubridge

April 15, 2011

New Zealand-based designer David Trubridge has created the Dream Space Dome.


Description from David Trubridge:

An internal ‘break-out’ space for quiet contemplation, an external gazebo as a garden sanctuary, or a light-weight frame for an attractive shelter, Dream Space has a range of functions. But here in Milan we can enjoy this structure simply for its beautiful flow of lines and patterns, and for the way in which it focuses energy into its still calm centre.

This is the first time that we have applied to architecture our process of building complex structures with minimal material use. The wood is only 5mm thick, and the entire set would fit inside a suitcase, yet it produces a remarkably strong and stable structure, once the pieces are curved and under tension. To reduce our environmental impact this dome was assembled entirely on site.

The wood is thermally modified, plantation-grown pine which has been heated to make it durable outdoors without the use of poisonous chemicals. It has an oiled finish. The junctions are aluminium plates fastened with rivets. The dome is built in six sections which can be taken apart for easy transport. A timber floor, made from the same material, can also be supplied, and a fabric cover is under development.

Visit David Trubridge’s website – here.