Dynamei – The Line of Instants by Michela Vianello

December 19, 2008

On November 27th, 2008 in Murano, Italy, the Andromeda glassworks was the venue for the world preview of Dynamei, the line of instants, the new work of art by Michela Vianello.

In an enthralling evening-event, the arts were entrusted with the task of describing art.  The recited word, music, gestures and manipulations were used to transmit the concepts, emotions and inspirations expressed by the artist in the work.

The theatre for the performances was Andromeda’s exhibition room, transformed for the occasion by a series of informal-material installations, also the work of Michela Vianello and made from such materials as sand, glass, iron, mortar and bricks.

Visit Andromeda’s website – here.

Dynamei (from the ancient Greek: the moments of now) belongs to the school of Optical Art, characterised by the relationship between dynamic tension and immobility. The work seems animated by the image of movement as pure idea, an optical effect obtained from absolutely static shapes and colours.

Consisting of 2000 hand-shaped blown glass spheres in the characteristic “ballotton”, striped and ribbed versions with three different diameters and nine colours, Dynamei is 3.2 m high and weighs 600 kg.

But over and above its strictly artistic and aesthetic characteristics, Dynamei expresses many aspects, ranging from philosophy to science, theology and physics.  The decision to use spheres, curves and lines and the recurrence of numerological aspects (4, 7 and 22) in the structure of the work is not in fact casual but rather a reference to precise theories and fundamental concepts in western scientific and philosophical research.

With Dynamei, Michela Vianello looks at existence and interrogates the extreme.  A meditation on time and its elements, on its flowing and fading away,  using matter such as glass, made of sand, to paint a body of thought to cross the visible.

Dynamei will be on display in Andromeda’s exhibition room in the Calle Miotti 16 on Murano until 30 January 2009.

Visit Andromeda’s website – here.