Embrace Lampposts by Design Systems

September 10, 2010

Design Systems have sent us photos of the Embrace lampposts that they designed for the pedestrian path in front of the Kaifong Community Hall in Hong Kong.


Description from Design Systems:

As a community-oriented organization serving the Tsimshatsui precinct for over 50 years in Hong Kong, the Tsimshatsui Kaifong Welfare Association is dedicated to nurture community lives with respects, in particular minors and seniors.

This was a renovation project that revamped the sole pedestrian path from the Kaifong Community Hall to a small hill. This project reworked the path into sections of ramps for seniors and the disadvantaged. Also, it provided series of custom-designed street furniture, including feature lampposts, handrails and seats, so as to give convenience to the elderly.

The feature lampposts acted as not only functional street furniture to provide general lighting to light up the pedestrian path and surrounding trees, but also a symbol for the Kaifong Association which can represent its mission and nature of services, that is, to serve the community equally for all.

In total, there are five lampposts: three of them were circular shape embracing warmly those three trees which located there for decades, with attempt to strengthen the association’s mission to preserve the minors and seniors, and the other two were crotched, as if a kind person who opened the arm to welcome you to the Tsimshatsui Kaifong Welfare Association. All lampposts were made of the mild steel with epoxy paint finish.

Another unique design was the extruded aluminum light trough at the top of the parapet along the road. It was the integration of the handrail and a task lighting feature. A subtle pattern of shadow was cast on the inclined surface of the extruded profile, which would create an attractive visual guideline helping people to identify the direction of the path at night.

Visit the Design Systems website – here.