ETNA Collection by Daniel García Studio and María J. Vargas

November 20, 2013

Daniel García Studio together with María J. Vargas has designed ETNA, a collection of candle holders.



ETNA is a collection of giant candle holders designed by Madrid based Daniel García Studio with the collaboration of María J. Vargas. This giant candle holders are ideal to give any environment a splash of light and colour. Its simple and clean lines come from a conical shape made of solid pine wood. This colour highlights the natural shades in the wood thanks to its translucency. Etna collection is produced by Spanish company Woodendot and allows for the creation a great variety of arrangements, as it is available in three different sizes (1.150 mm, 950 mm and 800 mm) and in a six colour palette.

But it doesn’t stop there, Etna also have the table version called Etna Mini made of solid pine wood that imitate his older brothers but with reduced size, perfect to put them as a table centerpiece, in a shelf or wherever you choose.

This collection is manufactured by craftsmen of “Tierra de Pinares”, in the north of Spain, with a wood from nearby forests.

“At the top are curves which evoke lava flows gliding down the slope of a volcano, for example the Silician one that gives the name“, said Daniel García

“Wood has a history, every piece is different, every piece was one alive. I think there is an emotional link with wooden products”, said María J. Vargas.

Design: Daniel García Studio and María J. Vargas