Fabricate Lights by Henny Van Nistelrooy

October 9, 2010

London-based designer Henny Van Nistelrooy has created the Fabricate Lights.


‘Fabricate’ cleverly adapts Jacquard type weaving to make light shades. The principle of ‘Fabricate’ is very simple but the variations of its result are boundless.

‘Fabricate’ was presented at the group exhibition ‘Variability’ as part of the Icon Design Trail during the London Design Festival 2010. The basic components from your ‘Fabricate’ flat pack include a spiral wire frame, an electric light fitting, and the light shade itself, which is a piece of fabric with a pocket (or pockets) woven in. The pocket houses the spiral frame that provides a skeleton that creates a sphere at the centre of which lies the light fitting. There are many factors in the fabric that could be altered. For instance, the yarn could be different colour, different make, which means unlimited possibilities of different pattern; the shape of the pocket could be square, round or even oval; and if you have a big room and you need something big and impressive instead of compact and intimate, then instead of cutting the fabric into units of pockets, you could make your own configuration by cutting out a line of three pockets or a square of nine.

Visit Henny Van Nistelrooy’s website – here.