Farmhouse by Studio Farris

October 20, 2013

Studio Farris have completed the conversion of an old farmhouse into a contemporary family home in Lennik, Belgium.



Studio Farris was commissioned the project of a farmhouse, typical for the region of Brabant, located in an agricultural area close to Brussels, in order to convert it into a comfortable, modern and energy conscious family home.

Many old farms are characterised by the randomly bricked up and opened windows and doors. In Lennik, this whimsical patchwork was used as the basic concept for the façade. Where necessary to maximise the internal functionality and the experience from the inside out, perforations were made in the old façade without taking any conventions into account. This gives the house an authentic and characteristic appearance. Moreover, this method guarantees the necessary natural light in every room.

Inside, old elements were upgraded as well and confronted with modern volumes where necessary to create a pleasant atmosphere. By consistently applying this concept, a symbiosis between the old and the new was created. Both still remain recognisable, but strongly complement each other. Last but not least, the box-in-box system takes care of the energy efficiency of the house.

Design: Studio Farris
Photography: Tim Van de Velde