Fino+Halm by Martin Jakobsen for Vinice

July 31, 2013

Martin Jakobsen has designed Fino, a lemonade/wine decanter and Halm, a glass that you can turn upside. Both are produced by Vinice.


From the designer


The simple design requires a strong idea. Moreover, if it is sexy then it is also an epitome of perfection. Fino is a decanter for water and wine which complements the rEvolution collection. It is a younger brother of karPPi and together they are in balance. Fino’s spout gives the decanter its characteristic expression. How easy to pour and drink wine from the rEvolution collection!

The volume comes in two sizes: 750ml and 1000ml.


Shake it – taste it – enjoy your lemonade! Halm brings you to the world of fantasy. Halm means a straw. Since now it is also an expression for an innovative lemonade glass. It breakes all convention in tableware! Turn your glass upside down and put inside a straw. Do not be afraid of tiresome bees or dust never more. Your drink is in safe!

Halm lemonade is an elegant combination of glass and a silicone stopper certified for food contact.

Designer: Martin Jakobsen
Producer: Vinice