Flux Chairs by Douwe Jacobs

July 1, 2009

Dutch designer Douwe Jacobs has created the Flux Chairs.

For his graduation project in Industrial Design Engineering in 2008, Douwe was looking for inspiration for a line of foldable furniture. Digging deeper and deeper into the world of folding, he found artists creating the most amazing shapes by folding material along curved fold lines. The chair he fluently folded that night made a lasting impact on him. A small scale model made out of paper, beautiful in its simplicity and surprisingly strong.

Together with fellow graduation student Tom Schouten, Flux Furniture was founded and from then on they have worked like maniacs to turn that small paper model into a production-ready and patented product.

Jacobs and Schouten recently exhibited the Flux Chairs at the 100% Design show in Rotterdam, watch the short video below to see them setting up the chairs, or click here to watch all their videos.