Forest In New Form by Swedish Ninja

February 16, 2010

The design studio Swedish Ninja have created a series of furniture that is constructed using Oriented Strand Board structural beams.

The series is called “Forest in new form,” and was created through the desire to design functional and creative furniture using an unexpected material.

“I always liked the raw material of wood OSB (Oriented Strand Board)” said Maria Gustavsson industrial designer and founder of Swedish Ninja. “I became very interested when I heard about the new three-dimensional strand profile, developed by cleantech company Newbeam. I instantly fell in love with the girder structure and was inspired by the challenge of creating beautiful furniture out of this new, orthogonal standard.”

The inspiration for the furniture’s form was Tetris, the classic video game from the ‘90s. The result is a cast of strong characters who relay a cubic personality. They have strong will, are firmly planted on the ground, and support their users. The likely attraction to these little ninjas in undeniable. The question is, will you be able to choose a favorite?

“Forest in new form” is made of the eco-friendly material Oriented Strand Board. The OSB production process consumes 30% less energy than commonly used by a sawmill to produce the equivalent amount of structural components of the same size. The material is made up of three standard discs of planed wood, glued together. In addition to its eco-friendliness, OSB has many technical advantages. Long wood chips are randomly distributed and compressed under high pressure to yield a higher fiber density than in wood – OSB is stronger! By shaping OSB-material into a three dimensional beam form, Newbeam has managed to create a new profile for structural products.