Goan Bamboo Chair by Prajakta Bamanikar

September 21, 2009

Prajakta Bamanikar an Industrial Design student at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, India, has designed a bamboo chair for use by restaurants in the popular tourist region of Goa.

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The designer – Prajakta Bamanikar:

Description by Prajakta Bamanikar:

The project aims at designing a trendy dining chair in bamboo for Goan restaurants.

With the continued rapid development of the global economy and constant increase in population, the overall demand for wood and wood based products will continue to increase in the future. The current concern is whether this future demand for forest products can be met with sustainable constraints.

This is where thought of using bamboo for furniture evoked. Bamboo is abundantly available in Konkan region and it is the fastest growing biomass, endowed with exclusive, rich, cultural looks it is a suitable material in a place like Goa.

For knowing the material better, field study at Kudal was done. This helped in studying the existing manufacturing processes and joinery details of furniture. At the same time it helped in knowing, the bamboo products which have prior market demand. Dining chair was one of it.

Many restaurants and furniture showrooms were visited and market study was done for knowing current needs of users. To make the design look more contemporary a strategy was developed to combine bamboo with other material. Considering load carrying capacity, corrosion resistance and ease of manufacturing wrought iron was used.

While designing system level considerations have also been thought of. For better transportation purpose stackability issue has been given importance.