Halo Light by Stephanie Ng

December 1, 2013

Australian-based designer Stephanie Ng has created a modular lighting system called Halo.


From the designer

Inspired by a halo type light source, the Halo Modular Light offers lighting without any hot spots or visible globes, appealing to both the domestic and commercial market. Simple, sleek lines for a minimalistic take, a lighting system that has cohesive synergy with the space in which its placed. It is a versatile design that is customisable from user to user to reflect their individuality through arrangement and color. As a modular lighting system, the Halo has the potential to grow as large as one’s space allow.

Spun out of steel, the magnet of one module attracts and sits flush to the next module with potential to rotate at any angle. It is just as easy to pull it apart and readjust when ‘refreshing’ the ambience and has unlimited opportunities to create a fresh look without adding to landfill. Modularity and interchangeable features will become the heritage of the future as mass consumerism continues. Without supporting the buy and throw away habits, users will be able to achieve a new look by reconfiguration and/ or adding modules or splitting them up. Limitless are the boundaries of its versatility, with clusters interlinking and cords suspended at staggered heights within the entirety of the space. Be it snaking above a long kitchen bench, over a staircase, in a circular formation or in clusters of clouds to be seen from a multi level foyer.

The Halo Modular Light runs on LED lights and consume very little energy. Furthermore, the components of the lighting design has been kept to its bare minimal with only an outer shell and diffuser with minimal waste on material.

Design: Stephanie Ng Design