Hangzhou Stool by Min Chen

August 23, 2013

Beijing-based industrial designer Min Chen has created the Hangzhou Stool made from bamboo.



The Hangzhou Stool consists of many layers of bamboo veneer of the thickness of 0.9mm. Each veneer again is made of several ultra thin bamboo layers that is aligned vertical to each other according to its natural direction of the bamboo fibres. In such way, each veneer becomes not only very flexible but also robust in all directions.

Each bamboo veneer is different in length. They are bent in an arc shape and glued together at the last 25cm of each end. There is one piece of raw bamboo stick that penetrates in the veneers and combines the two ends of the stool.

The layers of bamboo veneer give a very special “arc” of the stool, just like the ripples on the water surface. When sit, the more weight the stool receives, the deeper the arc will be bent in the center, and therefore the more elasticity the user will feel.

Designer: Min Chen