Hansa Latrava Faucet by Octopus Design

March 19, 2009

Hansa Latrava is the latest design added to the Hansa series of bathroom faucets from Munich, Germany based Octopus Design.

Visit the Octopus Design website – here.

From Octopus Design:

Water is so much more than just a flow. It rushes, billows, effervesces, whispers, rages, pearls, dances. Hansa has always prepared the stage for water’s great performance, which it masters like no other element, with mixers that give directions to the water, producing an experience for all of your senses. With HANSA LATRAVA, there is a now a mixer which takes this philosophy to the extreme. Conventional perspectives, well-known design principles and assimilated ways of thinking: HANSA LATRAVA only makes use of the familiar in order to take it to a new level. It makes no compromises, is concentrated, and is as cool as it is audacious. HANSA LATRAVA makes no references, quotes no one, interprets nothing. HANSA LATRAVA is a completely new archetype, original in its design vocabulary, original in the way that it presents water.

It is a formal sculpture which has never been seen before. It is for those who don’t see a boundary as an end, but always as the start of something new.

Visit the Octopus Design website – here.