Hatert Housing by 24H Architecture

November 15, 2011

24H Architecture have designed a housing and heathcare building in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


Description from the architects:

In the area Hatert, at the edge of the city of Nijmegen, the housing corporations Portaal and Talis organize a great renewal operation. For this operation the developers and the city of Nijmegen worked towards a masterplan in which most of the present houses are renovated or renewed. Besides this upgrading, the open areas in the neighborhood will be filled with several new housing projects.

A twelve storey apartment tower has been built in the very center of Hatert. The building is meant to become the new ‘crown’ of Hatert.

24H>architecture designed a sturdy tower with free formed balconies around, which make a recognizable sculpture from all directions. The parking for the apartments is organized underneath a raised deck that will function as a new public space for the citizens of Hatert. Underneath the housing program the ground floor will be used as a community health center.

Visit the 24H Architecture website – here.