Have A Seat Lounger by Bram Sawatazky

January 31, 2011

At the 2011 Interior Design Show in Toronto, Canadian designer Bram Sawatazky exhibited the
Have a Seat lounger.


Description from Bram Sawatazky:

The design of this lounge chair focuses on the play between inside and outside space. This is done by contrasting a hard outer shell with a soft, welcoming interior. The chair is designed to make the occupant feel safe and comfortable by bringing awareness to the interaction between the material and the body. The tubular steel frame is meant to provide a more linear accent to the curvature of the seat, further demonstrating the contrast of materials.

The seat construction is unique in that it uses a combination of recycled fibers such as paper, that have been bonded together in order to create a fluid shape. When the form is complete, the back of the seat panels are covered in wood veneer and the inside is covered in a thick layer of felt in order to achieve the contrast of materials.

This design could easily be manufactured on a mass scale using a variety of recycled materials in the fabrication of the seat. The seat design can also be removed in order to be packaged in a smaller box. The finish of this lounge chair could be offered in a variety of options and due to its small surface area, could use offcuts from other production methods.

Visit Bram Sawatazky’s website – here.