Helix Chair by Karmelina Martina for Moroso

April 28, 2009

Karmelina Martina has designed the Helix chair for the Italian manufacturer Moroso.

The designer’s description:

Helix the snail got fed-up with the same old life in a kitchen garden, so one day she decided to leave and discover the wonders of the world. In choosing her direction she was guided by her instinct, the moon and the sun. As she was going through a wood one day, she got stuck between two tree roots. She struggled hard and long to free herself and at last, when she was almost completely exhausted, she succeeded.

How strange, though…. All of a sudden, Helix had a funny feeling of lightness. She turned to look behind her and realised she had lost her home. And she felt completely naked! From that day on, Helix slides furtively into people’s homes and covers herself with the clothes she finds there. Every day a new outfit for a new life!

Visit the Moroso website – here.

Karmelina Martina was born in Sarajevo. She now lives and works in Udine. In 2001 graduated with honours in industrial design from Florence University. She studied under Vanni Pasca, Isao Hosoe, Paolo Deganello and other internationally-renowned designers. She has worked in Moroso’s product development department since 2006. She seeks to perfect a design precisely in the space that separates technical/manufacturing reasoning from symbolic/emotive motivations. In addition to her product development activities, she also designs jewellery, lamps and private homes.