Homune Table by Michael Young

September 21, 2012

British designer Michael Young has collaborated with the Czech Republic-based glass manufacturer LASVIT to create Homune, a functional table compounded of a hand-blown, amber color glass base and a hand-blown table top from clear crystal.


For the sophisticated glass solitaire, Lasvit developed a specific blowing technology based on 3D visuals to articulate Michael Young´s design. Using the 3D visuals to understand the fractal structure, Lasvit’s team in Navy Bor created special steel molds for the glass to be blown into.

The table leg is made of 36 separate glass fractals, with six different designs repeating six times. Each of the 36 pieces is hand-blown and then put together to form a geometric-shaped leg, that’s perfectly contrasted by a smooth, clear crystal table-top.

“It was incredible to go back to my craft based roots. We discovered that by blowing glass into only one metal tool and cutting it at different lengths we could make logical and functional structures, the first thing being this special edition table“, says Michael Young.


Design: Michael Young

Manufacturer: LASVIT