Horgenglarus wins Best Scenario at Designers’ Saturday

December 15, 2008

Swiss furniture manufacturer Horgenglarus was awarded the Best Scenario prize at the recently held Designers’ Saturday show in Langenthal, Switzerland.

Karin Schulte, a lecturer and editor of trade fair design yearbooks in Stuttgart, paid tribute to their achievement: ‘An impressive presentation by the company, based on the interplay of objects, sounds, lights and scents and resulting in a highly concentrated atmosphere. Once you have passed the dark corridor at the entrance, negotiating the suspended wooden lamellas, to reach the main room, you are met by a presentation based on furniture production parts. These have been detached from their proper functional context and combined, in the simplest way, to form new and ironic objects. Chair seats turn into lampshades or baskets. The room is decorated with autumn foliage, in keeping with the season, and the spatial planning is excellent. Starting from the low seating niche at one end, with its low hanging lamp objects, you approach the other end of the room through an array of gleaming suspended objects that resemble jellyfish. The background sound you hear at this point suggests a clock tower striking.’

Visit the Horgenglarus website – here.



Photos by Cortis & Sonderegger