House S by Keiji Ashizawa

January 12, 2012

Keiji Ashizawa designed the House S in Tokyo, Japan.


Description from Keiji Ashizawa:

House S is located in a quiet residential area in a center of Tokyo. The site is of the house is a cul-de-sac, removed from the main thoroughfares,and was once a samurai residence, so their are old pine and zelkova trees in the area. Such surroundings, even in the midst of the city, significantly impacted the design.

The house includes many gardens on each floor of the house, to bring the surrounding landscape into the house. In the end, the house will be part of this larger landscape, and in the meantime the green surroundings will help with privacy.

The clients wanted to insure that they could enjoy this larger landscape, as well as the art and furnishings that they have collected. We extensively discussed both their life style and a setting for these furnishings – and how to mold materials, light, air and space to fit this broader goal.All materials, lighting and space are in constructed within the house to work with art and furniture,as well as function. Details and colors are considered for these things. They should be silent, but should have an identity.Most of the design details were developed specifically for this house, with this overall purpose in mind, down to handles, steps and windows.

The structure is complex, but we tried not to make this visible. The space was considered first in terms of the light from the outside, the flow of air, and the planning of art. Enjoyable to see or feel each in the space,and on each level, howing four clear seasons with different light and feelings.

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Photography by Daici Ano