Im Perfect Collection by Leonie Janssen for JSPR

July 15, 2010

Dutch designer Leonie Janssen has created the Im Perfect seating collection for JSPR.


Because of her fascination for the human body, Leonie Janssen translated body-typology into a collection of chairs and stools. Fat legs, thin waist, big breasts, muscular arms, round bellies and broad hips, the differences are endless. For everything we see in the world around us, we have a ‘perfect’ image in mind, an appearance whereto we aspire. Instead of searching for a ‘perfect’ product, this collection of furniture shows the beauty of different proportions; the beauty of imperfection.

This handmade collection features 5 male and 5 female chairs/stools/barstools for in and outdoor usage. The items are all finished with a hard weather resistant rubber which can be delivered in 22 standard colors.

Visit the JSPR website – here.

Visit Leonie Janssen’s website – here.