Imaginarte’s Creative Pigsty

February 2, 2009

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the pig, Imaginarte offers a space for creative people to generate big ideas.

From Imaginarte:

Located within the offices of this Communication Agency, the space brings together all you need to ensure a flood of creative ideas. The set up was conceived to enhance teamwork. In order to remove all those barriers to communication, there is not a single desk in sight. Instead, Warren (a sculptured pig) presides over this evocative room, with its LED lighting.

The upholstery was designed exclusively for use in this pigsty and shows Warhol-style ham textures. In similar style are the chrome-plated aluminium light fittings and of course, the highly-original sliding door, with its remote control, in the form of a huge pink snout, all in an effort to honour Warren’s fine looks. Even he seems to have understood that this is an area to promote communication, judging by the size of the Oink Oink, seen on the wall.

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From Imaginarte:

The Creative Pigsty at Imaginarte features integrated dynamic lighting, digital hi-fi sound and a multimedia system, making it possible to view and hear all sorts of audio and video formats. Not forgetting Warren, our pet.

The idea was conceived at Imaginarte, as the possibility of creating a very particular refuge, in the words of Director, Antonio Piñero, “The result is more the product of a dream, rather than of any existing reality”.   For his part, interior designer Oscar Vidal, who has been a major participant in the project, adds “part of the attractiveness of this design is the way it recalls how science fiction movies from the ‘sixties and ‘seventies portrayed the future. In fact, we may even franchise the idea for use in pubs and entertainment establishments. We have already developed a range of decorative accessories, such as the oink-oink stool, the golden black-pudding lamp and the leg-of-ham trolley”.

The “creative pigsty” was thought up to provide a suitable response to the need for an environment inteded to inspire the generation of new ideas.

The Imaginarte agency thus offers a new space, open to all those business teams who need to put their creative powers to the test. The people behind the project have created the ideal setting to respond to the current need to generate ideas. “Nothing gets wasted from the pig.  The current market situation means that austerity and originality are set to become fundamental values. Thus, behind the amazing physical appearance, we find an intelligent, well thought out space”, explains Lucia de la Vega, Imaginarte’s Strategic Director.

The Creative pigsty was born of the conviction that by stimulating professional relationships, new solutions may emerge, beyond those contemplated by companies up to that moment and not merely in the field of communication, but also for other areas.  For this reason it is open to both the agency’s own staff and to teams working for other companies.

Surrounded by the relaxed decoration, inspired by porky glamour, those visiting the pigsty can take part in group discussions, experience workshops, product presentations, the screenings for publicity festivals or especially dedicated seminars.

As Agency Director Antonio Piñero, remarks: “The idea is to guide those present, through activities and offer emotional conditions, giving way to creative solutions which are useful and, effective for their own businesses”.

A number of fashion brands, such as Wonders, Break & Walk , RAS and Conguitos, have already used the Pigsty to launch their collections or pre-test their communications strategies. With maximum capacity for 20 people and the possibility of offering large format screening of fashion shows, style dossiers or leading websites, design teams have a meeting place available where they can exchange synergy and new sources of inspiration.
According to Ruben Carbonell, Communication Director at Wonders, “the first time I went into the Pigsty, it looked like a Chinese karaoke. That session proved to be very productive since we had made a lot of ground, produced ground-breaking new ideas, so I stopped making jokes about the pig…And now, we always end with a nice, cold beer and some ham or sobresada tapas”.