Interior Inspiration from Assistant

June 14, 2008

Japanese design firm Assistant is the brainchild of Hiroi Ariyama and Megumi Matsubara and together they have created some great fresh designs for a Stone Spa and a Dental Office.

The first group of photos is the Kinuta Stone Spa. They describe it as a place where “you lay yourself on a heated stone and are encouraged to relax and sweat…with the refreshing colours and botanical visuals throughout the space, assistant created the ambience of seaside grassland where the smells of green plants and blue sky and sea coincide.”

The second group of photos are of a Dental Office in Setagaya. In their words “many kinds of black is used for this interior, there is mirror coated white corridor directly from the entrace, it looks like “virgin road” which lead patient to consultation room.”

Visit the Assistant website ? here.

Contemporary Interior

Stone Spa

Modern Interior

Stone Spa

White Interior

Spa Interior

Stone Spa

Modern Dental Office

Contemporary Dentist

Modern Interior

Contemporary Dentist Office

Modern Dentist