Interior Inspiration: Light on Dark

May 31, 2008

When it comes to wood, I tend to like mine either very light or very dark like this interior from The Chelsea, a new condo building in Victoria, Canada. Although using light wood seems to be the most common choice these days, probably because it makes rooms feel larger and brighter, I think it lacks the sophistication and elegance you get from dark wood.

The interior photos below show just how easy it is to create a great interior scheme with dark wood by contrasting it with white/cream plus a little accent color such as the soft greens they used throughout the rooms. I’d also like to point out how this interior manages to brighten up the rooms that need it most. While living rooms tend to benefit from large windows providing ample natural light, kitchens and bathrooms usually need extra lighting, and in this interior they’ve used light quartz countertops to ensure extra brightness where it matters most.

Visit the Chelsea in Victoria website ? here.