IT-IS Kitchen by Simone Micheli for Euromobil

June 27, 2011

Italian designer Simone Micheli has created the IT-IS kitchen for Euromobil.


Description from Euromobil:

IT-IS is a contemporary kitchen distinguishing bright creativity kitchen, able to follow the “Living and Cooking” Euromobil philosophy. IT-IS is a 100% made in Italy project,defined fluent curves, which renovate the aesthetic features of the contemporary kitchen. State-of-the-art technologies and finely crafted details: tall units with central coplanar sliding doors and a curved tables with differentiated thickness provide excellent design. New drawers and deep drawers are in cord lacquer or stainless steel. Their fronts have oblique top edges, patented by Euromobil, for an easy grip. Extractable doors are equipped with a raised back for unparalleled sturdiness. A large spaces for an elegant IT-IS relaxation and living area, with original Désirée sofas. Curved and balanced volumes readily meet the requirements of contemporary man.