Jang Won Yoon at ICFF 2009

May 30, 2009

At ICFF 2009, we met the Los Angeles based designer Jang Won Yoon, who was exhibiting his Sprint, Janus, and Blade seating. The selected pieces represent an ongoing conversation found within Jang’s designs–the duality of organic form and industrial perfection. Jang uses the combination of sharp angles, high-gloss surfacing, and multi-faceted contours to physically represent this juxtaposition and force the user to understand the contradictory relationship between the two. At once, the pieces seem strong and fierce as well as delicate and alive.

Visit Jang Won Yoon’s website – here.

The Sprint Barstool:

The Janus Chair:

The Blade Barstool:

The designer – Jang Won Yoon:

Born in Seoul, Korea, Jang Won Yoon graduated with a degree in biotechnology and design from Yonsei University before making the move to Pasadena, California to attend Art Center College of Design in 2005. Though officially a product design major at Art Center, Jang tailored his education toward his interest in furniture and spatial design. His first furniture design earned him first place at the Design Emphasis Competition and was showcased at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Ga. Jang’s later collection of tables, Vue and Revue, designed during a Bernhardt Design sponsored studio class, was selected for exhibition at ICFF in New York and at Neocon in Chicago.

Visit Jang Won Yoon’s website – here.