Joe Lounge by Vincent Sheppard

March 4, 2009

The Joe Lounge is the latest addition to the Joe collection from Vincent Sheppard.

From Vincent Sheppard:

The ‘loveseat’ first appeared in cinemas in the fifties. Lovebirds would creep together, cuddling their way through the film in the seats that were not quite big enough for two. Joe Lounge, the latest addition to our highly successful Joe Collection takes you on a trip into the past.

Joe Lounge is available in just about any colour you want and will fit perfectly into all styles of interior. The design, combined with natural fabrics, makes this loveseat very restful. The protective cocoon guarantees total relaxation, either alone or with you child in your lap: reading a story, going through the papers, sipping a glass of wine, or simple dozing. Joe Lounge is a sure-fired winner for those who love to lounge.

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