Kern Residence by Semple Brown Design

February 27, 2012

Semple Brown designed the Kern residence in Castle Pines, Colorado.


The design team’s intent was to create a 12,000 square foot residence, similar in scale and character as the clients’ New York loft.  Significant effort was made to resist repeating the typically conservative style of Castle Pines Village – create a modern and sophisticated piece of architecture, suited for the clients’ modern and sophisticated personalities.

The architecture was intended to be ambient, in that it was secondary to, and served as a backdrop for the rest of the site.
The building wanted to relate to and compliment the site’s meticulously manicured landscape – Japanese Gardens, ponds, pathways, and architectural feature.

Given the size and scale of the project, the site – a long slender lot with significant grade change – became a challenging factor during design.  Developing the building’s massing became a crucial exercise in delicately fitting the program onto the site while creating the illusion of a smaller structure.

In order to best respond to the site and relate the structure to its context, the entry point into the house needed to be a full story lower in elevation than the arrival point onto the site, thus resulting in the challenge of gracefully bringing the home owners and visitors alike down to the front door through a landscaped outdoor room.

The interior spaces are laid-out in a horizontal format with clean modern lines, carrying the language of the exterior inside.  There is a strong and deliberate dialog between the exterior and interior spaces created within this project.

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