Kersplat Coffee Table by James Ian Killinger

June 12, 2009

James Ian Killinger, a 2008 graduate of Iowa State University’s College of Design, has sent us images of the Kersplat Coffee Table that he created.

James says:

A liquid’s life is an ephemeral one. Its molecular structure determines that its movements are transient and fleeting—chaotic, yet bound by the laws of physics.  There is a simple elegance to the moment liquid collides with a denser surface. I wanted to hold onto that moment a little longer.  Capture it.  Examine it.

Believe it or not, this piece was actually crafted out of poplar wood.  After shaping the individual “splatters tendrils,” they were joined to a base and the piece was finessed further.  Ensuring that each of the four contact splatters were level and even was paramount.  The table was then painted in a high gloss red and topped off by a custom cut piece of glass.

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