Khan Shatyry’s 150 Metre Mast is Up!

December 15, 2008

The most critical phase in the construction of the Khan Shatyry Entertainment Centre in Astana, the capital city of Kazhakstan, has successfully been completed with the erection of its 150 metre-high tripod mast. The 2,000 tonne structure was lifted into place by four cranes in a process that took two weeks.

The project is intended to provide a new civic focus for Astana and is situated at the northern end of the new city axis. The structure rises from a 200 metre diameter elliptical base and its massive volume will provide a sheltered environment and contain an urban-scale internal park, shops, cafes, as well as a wide variety of entertainment amenities, including a spa, sports centre and an indoor beach.

The vast tent-like cable net structure is clad in ETFE, allowing light to wash the interior spaces while sheltering them from extreme weather conditions. At the core of the building is a large flexible space that will form the cultural hub of the centre, accommodating a varied programme of events and exhibitions. The remaining phases are due to complete by July 2009.

Designed by Foster and Partners
Co-architects: Linea Tusavul Architecture, Gultekin Architecture