Kieser+Spath at Designblok ’09

October 2, 2009

German designers Marcel Kieser and Christof Spath will be exhibiting their collection at
Designblok ’09 in Prague (October 6-11).

Kieser+Spath was founded in 2008 in Darmstadt, Germany. Seen below are photos and descriptions of five of their pieces that they’ve sent us.


MAHONEY – Cantilever Chair

A filigree chair in which seat and backrest swing independently and though support dynamic seating. It consists of a visually circulating ribbon that shows changing facets to the viewer. Mahoney invites you with it´s sportive appearance to an exciting and comfortable seating experience.

CHIC – Coatstand

A dynamic object that plays with its owne forces by being a light construction. The circulating ribbon stabilised itselves in a geometric playfull way and becomes a solid wardrobe. Jackets and coats can easily be thrown over the upper bows or fixed at the two hangers in every bow. The# lively waisted shape makes „chic“ a sculptural roomobject for a sensual welcome in the livingroom.

LINA – Light

A sculptural light for in & outsoor use. Center ist the vertical illuminant. It is fixed to the wireframe with buttons on the textile. Without the illuminant the waisted wireconstruction can be used as a decorative object.


The side table out of a filigree woodgrid and steal wire presents itself as a rich in detail  piece of furniture. Inspired by wirefurniture from public space there imerged a new piece of furniture by a material change. The table surface consists of 58 under steam bended beechrods. These form a stable and slighty elastic grid. Ocarina is a transparent combination of tension, force and dynamic.

ROSS WELL – Textile Table

This side table is deliberately constructed without a tabletop which is replaced by a tensed textile. Depending on the used material, the table can appear in different looks because of the exchangeable tablecloth. A base where not only glasses and plates will find a comfortable place.

The designers – Marcel Kieser and Christof Spath