Latest Seating from Palau

June 4, 2008

At Palau they aspire to create furniture that is “a synthesis of timeless design and comfort” and this is exactly what they have done with their latest seating designs.

With its designers all from The Netherlands, the furniture developed and produced in The Netherlands and with their head office in Haarlem, Palau is a true Dutch company. Here is a selection of their latest designs.

Tune by Björn Mulder

Contemporary Furniture

Boris by Richard Hutten

Modern Furniture

Modern Seating

Brown by Björn Mulder

Contemporary Seating

Matrice by Björn Mulder

Contemporary Furniture

Modern Armchair

Djavan by Edward van Vliet

Contemporary Sofa

Wave by Björn Mulder

Wave Seating

Finch by Björn Mulder

Finch Sofa

Flow Chair by Wat Design

Flow Chair