Le Cabaret by Suga Architects

April 1, 2009

Le Cabaret is a restaurant and bar in Osaka, Japan, designed by Suga Architects.

From the architects:

Modern cityscapes are, because of architectural rationalism, basically composed of vertical and horizontal lines. As a result, the entrances to buildings are rectangular. When we turn our eyes to the natural world, the nests are mostly irregularly shaped. The act of going for a drink for us is similar to going back to our nests.

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Hence, the two arrays of entrances in this building gain a mysterious attractive power after sunset in the modern city. The material of the tunnel at the entrance is copper coated with fluorine.

We do not create architecture depending on special styles or principles, but by considering what essentially the situation requires. We consider what people want to feel in the buildings, what makes them comfortable and happy, including elements such as: color, sound, smell, kind of brightness, flow of light and wind, form, space, forgotten feelings in a busy daily life, landscape and so on. All those elements touch people’s senses, enthuse them and make them feel good. We also try to go beyond these elements and seek a universal solution.

Photographs: Yoshiharu Matsumura