Lighting inspired by an ice cream cone

December 2, 2013

Australian designer Stephanie Ng has created Scoop, a pendant light made from wood and metal that was inspired by the shape of an ice cream cone.


From the designer

The clean contours of the pendant light gently wraps around the globe as tightly as possible and is reminiscent of an ice cream cone. The bright coloured ring pops suggesting different flavours that appeal to various individuals with option to alternate with bright coloured cords. The top of the light is turned hard wood and provides a tactile surface before curving into the metal spun cap that lives right on top of the globe to minimize glare from light shining directly at you. This allows the eye to wander above to appreciate the beauty in the natural element of the design of the wood grains and knots.

Good quality, minimal lines and using characteristics of it’s materials as a feature creates lasting designs. Classic designs that never date will be more important to subdue the disposable society we have come to be. Works individually or as part of a collection.

This product will be exhibited at at The Edge, AIFF 2014 in Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, Sydney from February 5 – 7.

Design: Stephanie Ng