Line to Line by Phillip K. Smith, III

October 23, 2009

Architect and designer Phillip K. Smith, III has created “Line to Line,” a temporary installation at the Royale Projects gallery in Indian Wells, California.

Description of the installation:

Could two-dimensional marks be the window to a three-dimensional space beyond?  Transforming from a line to a line, this piece creates a distinct exterior and interior relationship with the space within which it is contained.  Between the opposing “lines” lies the dimensional structure of the sculpture, defining at once its peripheral skin and the internal space of the form itself.  Shifting between two and three dimensions, the linear graphics of this interior space suggest the perspectival representation of an infinite void.

Dimensions: 10’6″ wide x 10’6″ high x 14’0″ long.
Materials: Polystyrene, Styrospray, Latex Paint.

Photography by David Blank