Liquirizia Modular Seating from Altreforme

December 13, 2008

Italian manufacturer Altreforme showed off their latest work at the recently held Design Miami show, including the Liquirizia modular seating.

Altreforme is a new brand that is inspired by the shapes and materials found in the automobile industry. Liquirizia, like much of what Altreforme will be producing, is made of aluminum.

Designed by Aziz Sariyer.

From Altreforme:

Liquirizia is a multi-unit chair. Modular or endless depending on your greediness, as the most appetizing candy you would never give up savouring. Liquirizia will talk about you and the lines of your heart, following routes each time different, each time…altreforme. Romantically back against back in never ending relations of incurable lovers. Meeting and conversation rings. Choreographic round dance with ever-new patterns. Innocent sin of gluttony for real connoisseurs.

Visit Altreforme’s website – here.