Lisager Café and Delicatessen by SuperKo

December 3, 2008

Lars Fischer and Lars Villumsen, the Danish design duo behind the SuperKo creative consultancy, put their design skills to work for the Lisager Café and Delicatessen in Aarhus, Denmark.

From SuperKo:

Lisager is the modern lifestyle shop with a wide variety of groceries, wine and delicacies, together with offering take-away, café, restaurant and catering.

Our main task was to integrate all these many functions into a rather limited number of square meters. We therefore convinced the Lisagers that floating shelves would be the only right solution, in order to maintain the openness of the space. We found the shelf solution we wanted in Gubi´s Shape-Your-Own collection and mounted them two and two on floor to ceiling diamond glass. The placement of the shelves was done in a rather random manner, and thereby adding to the felling of shelves floating freely in space.

Visit the SuperKo website – here.  Visit Lisager’s website – here.