Long Beach Hotel by Keith Interior Design and Stauch Vorster Architects

March 13, 2012

Keith Interior Design have sent us some images of their work, together with Stauch Vorster Architects, on the Long Beach Hotel in Mauritius.


Description from Keith Interior Design:

Located on the Eastern Coast of Mauritius, the concept from Keith Interior Design for Long Beach Hotel was a contemporary beach house with fresh whites, drift wood tone and a variety of grey stone work.  For the rooms, to create different moods, the predominant colours across the schemes are Aqua, Chartreuse and Coral.

Each public space has its own styling and mood; the different languages were created by using different pieces of furniture (sometimes having signature statement pieces).

We kept a strong link between the different areas by using dominant neutral tones, natural stones, raw timber and crisply finished aluminum.

Throughout the hotel we adopted clean lines, texture and fresh colors.

The Spas calm, serene mood was enhanced using neutral colours infused with aquas and soft coral tones. Natural textured wood was mixed with high gloss finishes and natural stone.

The resort has a luxurious appeal, while keeping the setting contemporary, fresh and casual, attractive qualities for families.

Visit the Keith Interior Design website – here.

Visit the Stauch Vorster Architects website – here.