Loopie by Louisa Kwan

September 8, 2010

Australian designer Louisa Kwan has sent us images of the Loopie seating she has created.


Description from Louisa Kwan:

Taking inspiration from the behavior of people in waiting areas, loopie was designed to breathe playfulness and accommodate the activity observed in these spaces. Its concept originated from the observation of family and friendship groups and the various ways they communicated to one another when sitting in a public space. The way they positioned themselves when sitting was the fundamental source of what inspired the form of loopie.

Loopie is a type of modular seating which can be arranged in numerous configurations. With loopie there is no designated direction to sit. You can sit facing any direction you desire, you can lean against it, and if you’re small and keen enough you can crawl right through it. This piece offers flexibility for people to sit and communicate in ways which they feel most comfortable.

With its soft foam form, smooth texture and versatility, loopie is a vibrant addition to social environments.

Visit Louisa Kwan’s website – here.