Los Amates House by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

February 8, 2013

Architect Jorge Hernandez de la Garza has designed the Los Amates House in Morelos, Mexico.


Description from Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

Los Amates House lies in a tourist resort in Morelos, 60 kilometers South of Mexico City.

The vegetation and the warm weather of the area, as well as the customer’s needs, were three important factors for the design of this house. A light stone platform separates the house from the ground. In the first level, light vertical reinforcements and a glass curtain give a free space to the dining room-parlor area.



A detailed wooden lattice makes it possible to communicate the guest’s bedroom with all the other services of the house and it gives warmness and texture to the project. A thin concrete plane that folds itself structures and gives the private space of the house in the high floor; an outdoor corridor serves as mirador and link to communicate each space in this level.



The double height in the parlor and a light folding glass integrate the house to the context and make it possible that the outer and inner spaces become one. The swimming pool complements the program; it begins in the platform and it makes it possible to merge the atmosphere of the house with its natural surroundings.




Architect: Jorge Hernandez de la Garza
Design team: María Teresa de la Torre Gorráez, Verónica Rebollar García
Furniture: Arte Linea
Photography: Paul Czitrom