Maison de la Lumiere by Duilio Damilano

November 11, 2008

This house in Bologna, Italy was designed by Duilio Damilano.

The house was born from two fundamental requirements: to avoid the stereotypes of the residential buildings in the region, and to realize a technologically advanced house.

In order to answer the first demand, the modern house is separated from the surrounding context by walls of green bushes to allow for something new to emerge. The dialogue throughout the house is continuous, the swimming pool leads in to the house, the kitchen opens on to the living room, which is itself overlooked by the upper floor, generating a continuity of visual spaces. The living room is like a glass cube, which opens on to the swimming pool, while animated water cascades from above. The lightness of the construction is contrasted by the materials like a stone wall and wooden footbridge that invite you inside, while blades of steel and wood come off the house, creating a private external area. From a technological point of view, the house is completely automated thanks to a system that allows the owners to manage every function of the house, even from a remote location.

Visit Duilio Damilano’s website – here.

Photography by Andrea Martiradonna